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Accurate, precise cutting of even the most delicate work, in single or multiple fabrics. We take your pattern and turn it into fabric panels for samples, production, or toiling.

Cutting is a vital element in the dressmaking process. This is the point at which the individual pieces of your garment are cut from the fabric, using the pattern pieces created from your designs. As a fashion sampling and clothing manufacture studio with more than 19 years experience working at the highest levels of the industry, we understand how crucial this process is. Cutting from a pattern is delicate, sophisticated and painstaking work. The slightest error in a cut can alter the whole look and feel of an item of clothing.

We work with some of the biggest London clothing manufacturers, cutting from patterns that are destined to end up on catwalks, or to hang from the racks of the biggest high-street name stores. Our cutters prepare your fabrics with the latest equipment, and can fuse different fabrics with Bondaweb prior to cutting. We have a large, state-of-the-art fusing press in place, and can prepare your fabric for cutting in any way.

It takes experience to know how to prepare and cut different kinds of fabrics. Our cutters understand how fabric works. They know the tolerances and properties of different materials, both individually and how they work together. They have an exceptional eye for detail, and cut with absolute precision.

If you have patterned fabric in your design, we will ensure that your garment cutting is done with perfect mirroring. If your garment is made from multiple fabric types, we use the fusing press to perfectly prepare them, and cut with an intimate knowledge of the behaviour of each material. There are many benefits to using a sample studio in London with extensive experience working at every level of the garment design industry, but this is perhaps the biggest of them all. Because our team has worked with every type of fabric, in every kind of design, we cut with sensitivity and care. We know how the material will come together in the finished piece, and cut with this knowledge in mind.

With over 19 years experience in pattern making, pattern cutting and garment manufacture, we are ideally placed to bring your pattern to life in the fabrics you have specified. We also cut patterns from calico to make toiles, which are used to test your garment’s design in inexpensive materials before cutting out and sewing the real thing.

Like a pattern maker, an experienced cutter is more than just a preliminary worker in the clothes maker’s industry. Cutting must be undertaken with a precision that takes time to master. If the individual elements of your garment are not perfectly formed, they cannot be perfectly sewn. At I&C Design, we’ll treat your materials with the love and respect they deserve.

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