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Pattern cutting

Where your design leaps off the page. Our pattern cutters turn drawings into patterns, ready for fabric cutting. We can pattern cut from scratch, or help with alterations.

We’ll bring your drawings to life with professional patterns, cut manually. Our pattern cutting service is available for garment manufacturers of any size and industry standard, from mid-sized, established clothes makers to students, designers, and private individuals looking to create one-off patterns. Whether you’re starting a new line of garments from the design phase, enhancing an existing line, or creating a single item for a show or special occasion, our pattern cutters are here to help you take the first step in the process of lifting your sketches from the page.

Pattern cutting is the beginning of your garment’s journey from drawing board to model. It is the first practical stage in dressmaking and clothing creation. At this stage, your garment will be brought from the design sketches into three dimensions for the first time. Our pattern cutters take your drawings and turn them into templates, which will be used for cutting the fabric for your garments.

Having trouble with your pattern cutting? London-based garment manufacturers and designers (and those based further afield) can use our expertise to fix snags and fine-tune their creations. If your pattern is broken, we’ll fix it. Our pattern cutters know how to make adjustments that greatly enhance the look and feel of your clothes.

We have more than 19 years of experience in the garment making industry, and have cut patterns for some of the biggest names in fashion. And now we’re delivering the same standard of service to small and medium sized garment manufacturers in London and further afield, and to private customers who have special requirements. Our prices are affordable, and our work is delivered to the highest standards of accuracy and precision. We bring the same knowledge and talent to bear on every project, from the smallest one-off piece to the most high-profile haute couture production runs.

Accurate pattern cutting is vital for making high-quality garments. For your samples to fit and fall properly, your pattern cutter must be able to translate a designer’s sketches into perfectly-proportioned garment segments. To do this, the pattern cutter needs more than just the ability to manually cut with great precision. She must also be able to envisage the garment in its finished form, bringing the full weight of her experience in the clothing manufacture industry to bear on the project.

Our pattern cutting experts have worked for private label clothing manufacturers, and some of the most recognisable brand names in the country. When you send your patterns to us, you’re getting the benefit of real-world experience in every kind of garment, from high fashion to high street trend.

Got a fashion degree show to finish? We’ll cut your patterns perfectly. Looking for a bespoke wedding dress? Bring us your designer’s drawings, and we’ll turn them into the patterns that form the basis of your once-in-a-lifetime garment. Contact us for more information, or to arrange a consultation.

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